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Are you Missing Teeth? Do you need Dentures?

If so, no need to worry, East Lakewood Dental has the solution that can replace natural teeth while providing support for your cheeks and lips.  Dentures are customized devices that replace missing or damaged teeth.  They restore the patient’s ability to chew, speak, and smile with complete confidence.  With proper care dentures can function effectively for years.  Depending on how many teeth you have missing, Dr. Faulkner, Dr. Lafrenz and the staff of East Lakewood Dental, will be able to help you identify the best denture option for you and your needs.   They are experts at fitting our patients properly for their new dentures.


What are the Options for Dentures? 

There are three different forms of dentures: partial, full, and overdentures.  The condition of the patient’s teeth will determine which type of denture is appropriate.

Partial  – Partial Dentures may replace many teeth but not all your teeth.  A partial denture which may be upper or lower attaches to your remaining teeth through several methods.  The dentists and staff can explain the various methods and their advantages, but all are designed to be undetectable.

Full – Full Dentures are designed to replace either the entire bottom or top set of teeth.  When a full denture is necessary your existing teeth will be removed to make room for the new device.  It can be removable and secured in place with traditional attachments.  A full denture may also be held in place with implants.  Using implant technology still allows the device to be removed for sleeping or cleaning and will not require the use of adhesives.

Overdentures – Implant overdentures are a cost-effective solution for patients who have experienced the detrimental consequences of edentulism, or the loss of a considerable number of teeth.  With the loss of teeth, a patient’s bones will regress both horizontally and vertically.  As this condition worsens, it can have a detrimental effect on facial esthetics and have a negative effect on social confidence and quality of life.  Implant overdentures can restore the patient’s self-esteem and their overall quality of life.

We Provide the Best Quality Dentures in a Pleasant, Caring and Relaxed Environment

What are the Benefits of Dentures?


  • Our patients look and feel better about themselves. Confidence based on improved speech, and appearance cannot be understated.  Dentures will even make a patient look younger as their face will not take on a sunken appearance.
  • Dentures provide an improved ability to bite, and chew with very few limitations on food types. This improves the patient’s overall quality of life.
  • Because they are removable, dentures are easy to maintain, clean and brush. The dentures of today are vastly improved over their predecessors.  Made of porcelain or modern plastics, the dentures you receive from East Lakewood Dental will mirror the appearance of your real teeth.
  • Today’s dentures are a cost-effective solution when more of the patient’s natural teeth are still healthy

Contact East Lakewood Dental for your Denture Needs

East Lakewood Dental understands that your smile is one of the first things people notice about you.  Each patient’s situation is unique, but the professionals at East Lakewood Dental can assess your individual situation and help you determine the best approach.  Contact us today to learn more about how crowns may the right solution for your dental condition.

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