Dental Bridges

Suffering from tooth loss can not only affect your smile and appearance, but can erode your confidence as well.  The solution to returning your mouth to a natural state through restorative dentistry may be a dental bridge.  Bridges, as the word would indicate, “bridge” the gap caused by tooth loss.  A bridge can be constructed for one tooth or for several teeth.  The bridge is secured by dental crowns on either side of the gap. The staff of East Lakewood Dental are experts at fitting our patients properly for their new bridge.  Based on measurements that our staff will make, your new bridge will seamlessly mirror the size and shape of the patient’s original tooth or teeth, and restore your smile to its natural state.

The Stages of Installation of Dental Bridges

1st Stage – The patient’s natural teeth on either side of the gap will be prepared for the procedure.  After cleaning the surrounding teeth we will remove part of the existing tooth structure to allow the dental crowns to be set in place which will act as support for the new bridge.  After taking an impression, which will be used by our laboratory to construct the permanent restoration, a temporary crown and bridge will be installed to protect your teeth and gums from damage while the laboratory creates your new bridge.

2nd Stage – In a short time your new bridge will be completed by the laboratory.  Upon your return to our practice, your new bridge will replace the temporary one with permanent crowns that will be attached to the bridge with cement or a bonding solution.  The new bridge will fit seamlessly with your remaining teeth and blend with your natural smile.


The Benefits of Bridges Include:

  • A bridge will assist the patient’s ability to properly chew their food.
  • Bridges will protect the remaining teeth from moving or shifting, helping to prevent further damage and additional cost to the patient to return their smile to its natural state.
  • Reduces the chance of tooth decay to the remaining natural teeth.
  • Your new bridge will appear natural and function as if they were your real teeth.
  • Installing a bridge is a less invasive procedure than installing implants. It takes less time to complete the entire procedure to restore your mouth to its natural appearance.
  • A bridge is more stable than a traditional denture as it is securely fixed to the surrounding teeth.
dental bridges
dental bridges
East Lakewood Dental understands that your smile is one of the first things people notice about you.  Each patient’s situation is unique, but the professionals at East Lakewood Dental can assess your individual situation and help you determine the best approach.  Call today to learn more about how dental bridges may the right solution for your dental condition.

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